I came across Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) after a personal trainer told me about this kind of bodywork. I had been looking for a different bodywork approach after my second abdominal surgery leaving me feeling disembodied and "split into two parts". Additionally, I developed pain and discomfort in my lumbar and right knee. These restrictions needed to go and I had an urge to feel my body as a whole again, integrated and with gravity in the center of it. 

My first session was truly profound. I had the impression my Rolfer changed my body and with it my structure. There are no words to describe, what had happened. But my body felt much more upright and my awareness became more sensitive towards my structural and functional patterns. The surgery restrictions dissipated and did not return. This remarkable experience made me curious and gave me the impulse to adapt my career goals. I wanted to study and become a certified Rolfer™. Through my training, I understood that the human body organizes itself through the manual input of a Rolfer™. In some ways, the body knows and returns into the more natural "line". I studied at the original Rolfing Institute of Ida P. Rolf in Boulder, Colorado. Since the beginning of 2017, I own my Rolfing® practice in Winterthur, Switzerland.


My experience has not only come from my work; my non-work activities have also contributed to my social skill-sets. I gained my professional experience worldwide with international companies. This know-how lies in communication, PR, media relations, project management and event management. Fitness and amateur sports accompanied me as a balance and hobby to my everyday office life. Since 2013, I am a certified fitness instructor, because I love movement and motivating others to achieve goals. In hindsight: becoming a fitness instructor was the stepping stone to my certification as Rolfer™. 

Evelyne Mock

It is important for me to support my clients' individual concerns with fascial manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity. Through my Rolfing experience mindfulness, energy and fluidity have improved after a classic ten-series. At the same time Rolfing corrects postural restrictions and functional tension. My body feels free and complete. I love living in my "home" again.